Smart GADGET OBD2+GPS HUD Turbo Brake Test RPM Ambient Light 9 Display Display


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Smart GADGET OBD2+GPS HUD 9 Display Brake Test A-pillar Oil & Water Temp Turbo


2020 AP-6 Car Speed Projector Windshield Head-up Display OBD+GPS HUD On-board Computer A-pillar Trim Water Temp GPS Speedometer

  • Resolution upgrade, satellite time & real-time display added in the right corner.
  • OBD+GPS dual system, can be suitable for all cars.
  • Two installation methods, A pillar installation + center console installation. The first stopwatch to be installed on the A-pillar.
  • Currently the first screen can rotate 270 degrees
  • The first HUD small code table reaches the highest resolution of 240*240, high-definition display
  • Turbine pressure has 3 units: PSI, 100KPA, bar. The turbine value can be adjusted and calibrated to increase the fuel consumption unit KM/L.
  • Up to 10 Hz refresh rate, no stall delay
  • In the OBD mode, GPS function can be displayed at the same time. At present, when the industry’s first speed is switched to MPH per hour, the water temperature will be automatically switched to Fahrenheit degrees Fahrenheit, the single driving distance will also be automatically switched to Miles, and the fuel consumption will also be automatically switched to gallons MPG 8 Various display screens can be switche
  • Add Ambient LED Light,make driving more comfortable.
OBD2 System Specification:

  • Display Infomation:Speed, coolant temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, RPM, single mileage,total cumulative mileage, travel time,altitude, system time, intake pressure, oil temperature, air-fuel ratio,turbine pressure, intake pressure, acceleration test, brake test, altitude, compass read data stream.
  • Alarm:Overspeed alarm, RPM alarm,High water temperature alarm,Low voltage alarm, Engine fault alarm, Clear fault code,KM/h & MPH Switch, °C & ℉ Switch…
  • Applied to:Available for cars with OBD2 interface
  • Material:PC+ABS
  • Color:Black
  • Size:9.7cm/3.81inch x 6.1cm/2.40inch x 4.9cm/1.93inch.

GPS System Specification:

  • Display Infomation:speed, travel time, satellite time, altitude,number of satellites, driving direction,single mileage, voltage, acceleration test, brake test
  • Alarm:Overspeed alarm Voltage Alarm, KM/h & MPH
  • Applied to:Universal for all cars,buses,trucks.
Note: Diesel vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and battery vehicles cannot be used.
Package Included:

  • 1 x HUD Main Unit
  • 1 x OBD Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Original Box


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